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SERVPRO of Norwich & Windham County Helps Victims of Hurricane Michael

10/29/2018 (Permalink)

On October 10, 2018 Hurricane Michael made landfall as a high-end Category 4 hurricane in Mexico Beach, Florida.

Hurricane Michael was the third-most intense Atlantic hurricane to make landfall in the contiguous United Sates. This hurricane was the strongest storm in terms of maximum sustained wind speed in the United States since Hurricane Andrew in 1992. Additionally, Hurricane Michael was the strongest storm on record in the Florida Panhandle and in terms of wind speed, is the fourth-strongest landfalling hurricane.

Hurricane Michael was a massive storm causing catastrophic damage to life and property. 

SERVPRO of Norwich and Windham County wanted to help the people impacted by the storm and is proud to be in the Panama City, Florida area to help the residents in the restoration process. We have several storm crews that have traveled and are working diligently to help the hurricane victims rebuild and make it “Like it never even happened®”.

How can you help?
There is much need in the areas affected by the storm, you can help in your own local community by donating to local food, clothing and supplies to drop off points.

The victims of this massive hurricane will be in our thoughts and prayers for a swift recovery.

When Trees Fall

10/26/2018 (Permalink)

No matter the season, any storm can stir up strong winds powerful enough to topple down electrical lines, block roads or even fall on your car or home.

Safety First

Evacuate your home and get you and your family to a safe location and call 911. If you are unable to evacuate your or in doubt of electrical or structural stability, call 911 immediately for help.

Be cautious of any downed wires and debris while evacuating your home that the tree may have also taken during its fall.

Call Your Insurance Company

Notify your insurance company of the situation so you can begin restoring the damage as soon as possible and using the proper procedure in accordance with your specific policy.

Protect Your Home

Parts of your roof and interior may be exposed when a tree falls. After everyone is safe take the necessary steps to prevent further rain, wind, temperature and theft damage. Secure your valuables, cover anything that could be damaged with tarps or other weather-resistant materials, lock your doors and make sure to stay away from the area until it is safe from falling debris, electrical hazards or unstable flooring.

Tree Removal and Damage Restoration

Call a professional and insured tree removal company to clean up the damage and for tree removal and disposal.

Begin the process of repairing your home and the damage. SERVPRO of Norwich and Windham County offers full service for any water damage to the home and can manage the home restoration as well, making the fallen tree, "Like it never even happened®".

Hurricane Season is here in Eastern Connecticut!

9/5/2017 (Permalink)

Hurricane season is here and we here at SERVPRO of Norwich and Windham County want to make sure that you are ready if a hurricane's course heads towards eastern Connecticut. We have be hit hard in the past and have some tips and information to help you stay safe before and after a storm.

Whether it’s a hurricane or tropical storm, the effects can be catastrophic.

What’s the difference between hurricanes and tropical storms?

A tropical storm has sustained winds of 39-73 mph, a hurricane has sustained winds over 73 mph. In addition to wind damage, flooding and water damage, whether a hurricane or tropical storm can cause significant damage to people and property.

Before a storm approaches here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Have an evacuation plan in place and evacuate if necessary
  • Put up plywood to board up windows or use hurricane shutters
  • Bring in any outdoor items that may be damaged or picked up from the wind
  • Have a tub of water full
  • Get a full tank of gas in your vehicle
  • Have your phone fully charged and have a portable charger
  • Have extra cash on hand
  • Have your important documents such as passports, birth certificates, insurance policy information, social security cards, etc. in a waterproof container and easy place to grab in a hurry

Some additional supplies to have on hand include:

  • Bottled water
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Flashlights
  • Week supply of vitamins and/or medications
  • Pet supplies
  • Wet wipes
  • Duct tape
  • Tarp
  • Multipurpose tool
  • Rain gear

After a storm hits:

  • Listen to the new and radio for updates
  • Stay off of the roads and drive only if necessary
  • Stay away from water where live wires or electricity could be present
  • Do not drink water that may be contaminated
  • Inspect your home for any damage, take pictures for insurance purposes
  • Do not use candles if you lose electricity, use flashlights
  • Check your fridge for spoiled food

Stay safe this hurricane season and if you experience any damage please contact us at SERVPRO and Norwich and Windham County, where we are ‘Faster to any size disaster’.

We are here for you and any restoration needs and can help with cleanup, restoration and work with your insurance.